Dennison Place Carriage House
Location: Columbus, Ohio
Design: 2016

The new CH will be a two (2) story structure with a three (3) car garage and utility/storage room on grade and will have a footprint of approximately 28′ deep x 32′ wide. Above the garage there will be a dwelling unit containing 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living area, kitchen and laundry in a closet. The 2nd floor dwelling unit will have an enclosed egress stair to grade along the east property line. The siting of the CH will follow the proposed site plan approved by the UAC and will hold a zero side yard setback to the west and an 8′ side yard setback to the east

For the design of the CH project, I propose the idea of a “secret garden” that will be a residual consequence developed by the facade relationship between the Main House and your new CH. The new rear yard space, or “secret garden,” will be realized by transforming the existing horizontal garden planes into vertical and elevated landscapes and will be both a frame and a lens to experience the foliage throughout the year. The simple use of transparent, translucent and opaque materials will develop a pattern of colors that will become a four season backdrop to your main home. The new CH will enhance the spatial qualities of your main house spaces both inside and out. The interior spaces of the Carriage House will contain an abundance of natural northern light and although they will be configured to minimize direct lines of sight they will be able to embrace the new garden at a tree canopy level. The “dual” roof ridges allow for the height and mass of the structure to be reduced and provides an option to mount photovoltaic panels or shingles on the south slope.