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Blacklick Woods Golf Activity Center Feasibility Study
Location: Reynoldsburg, Ohio
Design: 2020
Area: 16,000 GSF

Blacklick Woods Activity Center is a part of a park that opened up in 1948, developing the park and its courses with a long-range vision of protection and enhancement of the natural environment. Since being built in 1972 the building has undergone a number of renovations that always considered preservation and nature. The existing 1600 sqft activity center is a part of a park that attracts almost 1 million people every year and is home to the First Tee year-round outreach program that teaches life skills and leadership to youth.

Through surveying, plan analysis, and model studies in computer and physical form we generated three design proposals to provide possible solutions for the Blacklick Woods Metro Park Activity Center for the next 25 years. The focus of the proposals were to revitalize the building to optimize usage and refreshen throughout, develop additional golf cart storage, and create a more desirable First Tee space.

The three proposals provided a range of strategic renovations to best meet the clients desires and build off of one another. We first proposed interior renovations, focusing on form and function by upgrading the program spaces with new cosmetic solutions and suggested minor floor plan changes to include a thoughtful solution to the bathroom pavilion with ADA upgrades. Thinking about what a pro-shop means 25 years from now, we proposed that the interior renovation would include updating the pro-shop as a casual cafe that is both inviting and relaxing for not only the golfers of today but the following generations as well.

The second proposal reinvisioned the exterior of the building, creating a prominent front entrance by using trellises and revamping the bridge. Renovating the exterior would include modernizing the exterior through a series of material studies and the installation of a pergola structure to create a new facade and main point of entry for both golfers and guests. We proposed excavating window wells to allow light in the spaces below allowing the First Tee spaces to be energized by natural light.

For the third proposal we proposed creating a 2000sf addition on the north side of the Activity Building that would allow the First Tee program to flourish above grade while also providing additional cart space below. The First Tee Practice room will boast 15’ ceilings and be enclosed with insulated Policarbonate wall panels and metal sunshades. We envision the addition will balance the formal clubhouse program with a casual flex space keeping the building active for years to come. This addition would also provide additional opportunities for sustainable strategies to be implemented such as solar panels and sun shading.