PAROS Architecture+ Design LLC focuses on the design of live, work & play projects. Our interests are grounded in architecture as an exploration of ideas exhibited through the use of sustainable materials creatively designed at a human scale and constructed with exemplary quality. We believe design is a language and its successful practice is a communicative discipline that connects people with art, culture, history and nature.

Paros A+D is committed to be:

  • Attentive and responsive listeners;
  • Highly creative and purposeful in design;
  • Mindful of client goals and honor terms of design scope, schedule and budget;
  • Efficient in the decision-making processes and effectual in our work;
  • Open to alternative design and construction delivery models;
  • Passionate towards meeting your vision and accountable to your stakeholders.

The PAROS A+D team enjoys working fast and trusts speed is your friend. We firmly believe a small, highly experienced, design team is a more efficient strategy to delivering a project design quickly with maximum quality at the lowest fee. We use Design Assist provided by product manufacturers and technical experts to establish benchmarks for detailing and specifications. Lastly, we provide every owner with good, better, best quality design options to expedite the design decision making process.

Charles Paros – AIA, MArch, LEEDap, Principal

Chuck Paros is an architect and designer with over 30 years of experience. He has designed projects ranging in scale from small scale site specific installations to complex higher education projects. In 2015, Chuck left his position as Vice President of a global-national firm to found Paros Architecture + Design; a Columbus, Ohio, based sole-proprietor practice utilizing a highly experienced consultant design team delivery model that is thoughtful, creative and efficient.

As a former school teacher, coach, and college adjunct professor, Chuck learned first hand how to work with large groups of individuals with eclectic interests. Through this experience he has developed a highly collaborative approach to teamwork and stakeholder consensus building. In addition to design buildings Paros A+D is committed to advancement of public art by working with local designers on site specific and gallery installations.

Chuck received his Masters of Architecture from The Ohio State University (OSU) and was a two-time recipient of the OSU Faculty Award for Design. He and his wife, Laura, are Ohio natives and have 2 adult daughters. Avid lovers of the outdoors, they enjoy exploring the world on bikes, kayaks, skis, and sups.

357 West 7th Ave. Columbus, Ohio 43201